Nature Reserves


Wadi Rum Protected Area

12,000 years of human occupation, numerous inscriptions, 154 archeological remains and 25,000 petroglyphs make Wadi Rum not just a stunning natural wonder but also a showcase of human evolution in the region.

The protected area comprises 74,200 hectares and includes Jordan’s highest point, Jabal Umm ad Dami. Wadi Rum is a classic desert landscape renowned for its spectacular beauty of red rippling sand dunes, massive sandstone mountains and valleys, narrow gorges, landslides and canyons all under a star studded night sky.

Wadi mujib

Wadi Mujib – Mujib Biosphere Reserve

The lowest nature reserve on earth at 410 metres below sea level, Wadi Mujib is located within a deep gorge near the east coast of the Dead Sea and extends to Karak and Madaba in the north rising to 900 metres above sea level.

Five trails are available, all except one starting at the adventure centre which has a cafeteria on site. Trained guides are required and some trails are not available during certain times of the year. On site accommodation with local meals is available.


Dana Biosphere Reserve

Established in 1993 the reserve covers 300 sq metres of rugged landscape along the Great Rift Valley. Twenty five endangered animals can be found in the reserve which encompasses four bio geographical zones – Mediterranean, Irano-Turanian, Saharo Arabian and Sudanian penetration. Nearly one hundred archaeological sites have been found, the most important being the ancient copper mines at Wadi Feinan.

For the visitor you can explore the dramatic landscape and wildlife habitats, meet the local inhabitants and discover the archaeological treasures.

Four accommodation options are available within the reserve.


Azarq Wetland Reserve

Located in the middle of the arid Eastern Desert the unique Azarq Wetland Reserve is the stopover for migratory birds ad has a rich cultural history being the stopover for pilgrims and trade caravans. There are a number of archaeological sites close by including Azarq Castle where Lawrence of Arabia was stationed during the Arab Revolt.

Two guided trails and biking tours can be booked.

On site accommodation with meals is available.


Shaumari Wildlife Reserve

Created in 1975 the reserve covers 22 sq kilometers and consists of desert wadis and hammada areas. Six species of carnivores live in the reserve along with 193 species of flora and the Arabian Oryx was introduced in 1983 after a successful breeding program on site.

The reserve is close to Azarq and visitors can hike, bike to take a safari tour.


Ajlun Forest Reserve

Located in the north the Ajlun Forest Reserve was established in 1987 and covers approximately 13 square metres. Established in 1988 the reserve offers a designated protected bird area, captive breeding to foster and protect animals in particular the Roe Deer who are extinct in the area.

There is a visitor centre on site with a cafe and you can also stay overnight in the small on site cottages.

This area is extremely beautiful and offers a totally different landscape to most of Jordan, well worth visiting.


Wadi al Hasa

Located in the west of Jordan, Wadi al Hasa is 40 kilometers long but 30 kilometers for hiking which would take a couple of days.

You can hike as far as you wish and turn back, most hikes take around 5 hours. We offer the option of walking in through towering sandstone cliffs to the waterfall or driving in and camping overnight.

wadi araba

Wadi Arabah

A continuation of the Great Rift Valley, Wadi Arabah stretches 114 miles from the southern end of the Dead Sea to the gulf of Aqaba and is now mainly a sandy desert. The boundary between Jordan and Israel runs through the centre of the Wadi.

This is the place for wadi bashing in a 4 x 4 or ATV and overnight camping.

wadi ghuweir

Wadi Ghuweir – Wadi Al Nakheel – Wadi Ushayqir

Located within the Dana Biosphere Reserve the valley has 3 sections the first being Wadi Ghuweir which starts near Shobak descending through the everchanging valley down to the Feynan area.

This is a highly rated hike through narrow canyons with stunning scenery. Camping or a stay at Feynan Eco Lodge can be added.

wadi numeira

Wadi Numeira

Suitable for younger children and non-swimmers, this Wadi is located near the Dead Sea.

It is an easy walk through a narrow rock formation with beautiful coloured shimmering walls obscuring the sky above.

wadi assal

Wadi Assal

Good for a day’s hiking, Wadi Assal is near the Dead Sea and offers an easy walk suitable for children, though narrow canyons with waterfalls and beautiful rock formations.

wadi alkarak

Wadi al Karak

A day hike through the beautiful scenery of Wadi al Karak which follows a sandy river bed with constant flowing water.

Depending on your starting point you can abseil a number of waterfalls or just walk back if you wish to avoid abseiling.