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About Jordan Unlimited

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Looking for the perfect trip to Jordan is a daunting process…you will find agencies offer the same itineraries which really only give you a limited view of this beautiful country which has so much to offer. All our itineraries are flexible giving you a unique experience and if you have the time we will make sure you will experience parts of Jordan missed by the majority of visitors.

We also offer a personal planning service offering a VIP custom package to suit your requirements, please see details here.

It is your holiday not ours, we are here to advise you before booking, to make sure everything goes smoothly during your trip and any issues you may have are dealt with to your satisfaction.

We use the safest transportation, the best registered guides and all accommodation has been vetted and we will give you honest opinions so no surprises on check in!

We are based in Petra and our team has a wealth of experience in the tourism and hospitality business working in the competitive market of Thailand and in Jordan.